Asics: Barcelona Marathon

April 2, 2013

A nice and simple idea executed with a Twitter/Instagram aggregator for this years Barcelona Marathon, on behalf of principle sponsor, Asics.

The idea was to share what ‘I run for …’ or ‘I cheer for …’

All submissions were pushed live on to a bank of screens, and out to the ‘MyAsics’ Facebook page.

In time, we’ll use the data to create further content, and explore see the differences between what runners run for in Barcelona, Paris, Rome and other major marathon’s that Asics sponsor. Next time ’round, we’ll ensure it’s snyced up with the RFID runners ‘bib-chip’.

5,000 participants shared their motivations via our digital activation
This helped to deliver a 90% boost to standard sign up rate to MYASICS
Peak of 2,870 visitors to MYASICS Spain on Marathon Day
380% increase in traffic from Catalonia Spain
1400 email addresses collected
18,000 people reached the finish line of the Barcelona Marathon, supported and motivated by ASICS





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