Ted Baker Tokyo

June 19, 2012

My first assignment with the Imagination team, and what a cracker. This one’s in two parts:

Take one black cab, saw it in half, get it re-upholstered by Ted Baker, and show a rear POV film of London in the 1950s through the rear window. Hey presto, a snappy installation for the Ted Baker Tokyo flagship store!

Secondly, an analogue sound-wall made up of reproduced telco switchboards, all made to look old and as authentically period as possible. Add in over 100 soundbytes, (some of which were written and recorded for the wall, others were licensed in), and add LED cables with phono jacks on the end and we can all eavesdrop on 50s Londoners phonecalls.

Take a gander why don’t you?

©2012 Imagination

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