CleanSpace ‘Light the Way’

May 3, 2016

Air pollution was linked to over 5.5 million deaths last year, according to the World Health Organisation’. In the UK, it accounted for 40,000 deaths, and in London, 8000. Drayson Technologies created ‘CleanSpace’, an app. that lets you avoid the most polluted areas. Paired with a CleanSpace Tag, a mobile CO sensor, and the data is personalised.

If you could see it, you’d do something about it.

‘Light the Way’ was an experiment carried out in Peckham, London that created CO sensing streetlights. streetlight was fitted with it’s own CleanSpace CO sensor, and changed colour according to the air quality, literally lighting the way to cleaner air.

This is just the start. The idea will roll out not only across London, but around the world.

Watch this space!





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